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Consideration for Tourists in Hong Kong

Respect for Local Culture
  1. Be aware of and respect local norms.
  2. Always ask for permission before taking photos of local people.
  3. Observe notice signs to distinguish between smoking area and non-smoking area.
  4. Learn simple and useful Cantonese phrases to integrate into the local culture.
Respect for Local Environment
  1. Deposit waste in rubbish bin or recycle bin.
  2. Learn local methods for waste disposal and recycling.
  3. Be sensible with the use of limited resources, e.g. water, electricity and fuel.
  4. Follow the local rules and regulations to protect the environment when conduct a visit to natural areas.
  5. Extinguish the fire completely before leaving if you light a fire.

Enjoy your stay and discover the most interesting living culture in Hong Kong!

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