The Balcony - Chinese Crafted Delicacies

Salted Pork Terrine, Abalone Slices on Ice

Suckling Pig Layers, Baked Crab Shell with Cheese

Roasted American Wagyu Beef Slices

Golden Octopus Balls

Double Boiled Fish Maw and Sea Conch Kung Fu Soup

Braised Crabmeat on Vegetables

Braised Abalone with Goose Web

Roasted Striped Bass with Salt

Roasted Chicken

Fried Rice with Seafood

Assorted Dessert Platter
Wolfberries and Purple Potatoes Pudding, Coconut and Red Bean Pudding, Fresh Strawberry Sabayon, Bamboo Charcoal Mango Swiss Roll

HK$6,888 for 12 pax

Tea & condiments charge included and waive of 10% service charge
30% off upon patronage at lunch & dinner period. Steamed Longevity Buns will be offered for birthday guest and accompanied guests.
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Enjoy Abalone & Seafood with other Exquisite Chinese Delicacies at only $418 up per person, beverage included!
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