Location : 2/F
Plush carpeting, exquisite crystal ceiling fixtures, rich wall coverings and luxurious fabrics usher you into the spectacular Crystal Ballroom, the ideal venue for any business or private event. The open pillar-less design of the room enhances the overall spacious feeling, allowing reception seating for 250 guests as well as 200 guests for banquets, with a collection of gourmet menus including low-carbon menu and vegetarian menu, etc. This in tandem with an exclusive new-generation lighting system makes this Ballroom a multi-functional palace for special banqueting events, large conferences and incentive gatherings. Adjacent to the Ballroom is also a balcony-style area bathed in natural light.
Venue Size(sq.m.) Capacity (seats)
Theatre Classroom U-Shape Round Table Long Table
Crystal Ballroom 212.9 250 100 70 168 200
Room A 43.6 40 20 12 24 24
Room B 81.9 70 30 25 72 72
Room C 87.4 96 30 25 48 72
Crystal Ballroom
Size(sq.m.) 212.9
Theatre 250 seats
Classroom 100 seats
U-Shape 70 seats
Round Table 168 seats
Long Table 200 seats
Room A
Size(sq.m.) 43.6
Theatre 40 seats
Classroom 20 seats
U-Shape 12 seats
Round Table 24 seats
Long Table 24 seats
Room B
Size(sq.m.) 81.9
Theatre 70 seats
Classroom 30 seats
U-Shape 25 seats
Round Table 72 seats
Long Table 72 seats
Room C
Size(sq.m.) 87.4
Theatre 96 seats
Classroom 30 seats
U-Shape 25 seats
Round Table 48 seats
Long Table 72 seats

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