English & Thai Tea Set

Let’s enjoy a relaxing time with your friends & family with tempting tea set menus!

HK$398 for 2 persons

English Tea Set Menu

Braised Baby Abalone with Wild Mushroom in Vol-au-vent

Spanish Caviar, Baby Cuttlefish with Smoked Salmon Egg Roll

Prawn Tempura with Sesame Sauce

Coppa Stagionata, Avocado with Rocked Lettuce

Mini Cheese Burger with Confit Cherry Tomato and Brioche

Earl Grey Tea Chocolate Cake with Fresh Strawberry

Matcha and Mango Napleon

Mini Raisin Scone with Whipping Cream

Les Chouchous

French Royal Macaron

Served with Coffee or Tea

Thai Tea Set

Thai Pork Floss, Peanut with Water Melon Balls Salad

Baked Stuffet Crab on Shell with Thai-basil and Cheese

Deep-fried Prawn Cake

Chicken Leg Meat with Pandan Leaf

Bacon Sausage Roll with Sweet Plum Sauce

Bird’s Nest with Crispy Milk Roll

Pandan Leaf Cake in Bamboo Charcoal Flavor

Black Glutinous Rice with Mango and Coconut Cream

Rainbow Layered Cake

Durian Mochi

Served with Coffee or Tea

[Upon patronage of dinner buffet from now to 30 Apr 2023, guests will enjoy extra Buy 3 get 1 Free offer. The free dinner buffet is counted based on lowest price of guest patronage.]

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Terms & Conditions
  1. Serving period: from 1 Feb 2024 until further notice
  2. Available from 2:30pm – 5:30pm
  3. Subject to 10% service charge
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