Goldfish Market
Goldfish Market is lined on either side with shops devoted to the raising of many types of goldfish and colourful tropical species.In between, you’ll also spot a few amphibians and reptiles crawling about; not to mention some impressive aquatic accessories and underwater furnishings. You can get there within 11 minutes by MTR from The Cityview.

Address : Tung Choi Street between Mongkok Road and Prince Edward Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon
Information & photo credit : HKTB
Other Attractions
With just about 5 minutes walk from The Cityview, the Ladies' Market consists of 100+ stalls for selling bargain clothing, accessories and souvenirs.
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Just 10 minutes walk from The Cityview, the Langham Place is a quintessential 15-storey fashionable shopping mall in Mongkok with over 200 shops.
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Shops in Flower Market sell flowers from around the world, which may let you get lost in fragrances and colors. About 18 minutes travel from The Cityview.
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