Street Art at Yau Ma Tei

Date: 12 Jan 2018 (Blog Categories: Sightseeing)

While you have some spare time in-between your itinerary, don’t forget visiting the wonderful art pieces near us! From French urban artist Space Invader’s Mosaic; massive mural outside Shanghai Street’s building (tong lau) by Italian artist Pixel Pancho; to stair art created by local art group “OMNI-ART”. You will find Yau Ma Tei is an amazing place mixed with different cultures.

Check point #1 : Massive mural in Shanghai Street

While you are heading to the famous "Red Brick Building" in Shanghai Street, you may see a massive mural outside a 7-storey "tong lau"(a typical old building in Hong Kong) in Shanghai Street. This surrealistic mural was created by Italian artist Pixelpancho in an art event "HKwalls 2017"

Location : 324 Shanghai St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

Check point #2 : "Kung-Fu Fighter" Street Art

Strolling along Temple Street, you may see the mosaic street art "Kung-Fu Fighter". It was created by famous French urban artist "Space Invaders" in 2014 and paid tribute to kung-fu master Bruce Lee.

Location : 44 Temple St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

Check point #3 : Stair art in Public Square Street

Flowers are in bloom even though under cold weather! In Public Square Street, local art group “OMNI-ART” has designed and painted a stair art with blooming flowers such as roses, sunflowers and lavender. With the correct shooting angle, you can take photos with a complete scenery of flora field.

Location : 81 Public Square St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

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