Go Green

The Cityview Operates in a Sustainable Manner

Protect the environment

We at The Cityview have initiated a host of measures to help protect the environment, such as conserving energy and water, reducing waste, and operating in a sustainable manner. Environmental sustainability is a key part of our corporate commitment to responsible business operations. During your stay with us we hope that you’ll come to understand how it’s often the little things that, when multiplied across a number of people, make a very big difference to the health of our planet.

The following are sustainability practices that you might notice while staying with us at The Cityview. These represent just a sample of the hundreds of policies and actions we take daily to protect the environment, care for host communities and foster a sustainable local economy.

See if you can spot them while enjoying your time with us:

  1. We recycle paper, plastic, metals, glass, oil, garden waste, soap and even our furniture and linen.
  2. We are devoted to 4R concept in daily operation. We separate rubbish into recyclable and non-recyclable items, reduce the production of waste, reuse everyday items and replace with more environmental-friendly products.
  3. We use energy-saving luminaires and water-saving taps and shower heads.
  4. We use energy-saving devices and electrical & mechanical facilities whenever possible, such as installing LED luminaires and Oil-free chillers.
  5. We provide shark-free menus in our restaurants and banqueting services. Periodically The Cityview also provides low carbon-footprint menus.
  6. We donate surplus food to charity for the needy.
  7. We deliver food waste to O.PARK1 to transform food waste into biogas and compost.
  8. We provide biodegradable room amenity packaging and our toilet paper includes recycled pulp content.
  9. Instead of changing daily, we replace bed linens and towels only upon guests’ requests during their stay to conserve natural resources.
  10. We have created our own eco-wall to cultivate seasonal plants, using thousands of waste plastic bottles. We also use rain water to irrigate all in-house flora, keeping them fresh and beautiful.
  11. Substantially increase the indoor greened area to provide a more comfortable environment with cleaner air for both guests and staff.
  12. We give preference to local personnel and hire services from local contractors and vendors.
  13. We use cleaning products and pesticides that are biodegradable and gentle on the environment.

Sustainability Policy & Sustainability Report

The Cityview places great importance on environmental and social sustainability as well as helping the local community in all aspects of our operations. Our participation as a partner in the EC3 Global ‘EarthCheck Programme’ (www.earthcheck.org) provides us with credible independent auditing, benchmarking and certification services on our environmental performance. We believe that by adopting internationally recognised best practices for environmental management systems currently in use by the travel and tourism industry, The Cityview can deliver the triple bottom-line benefits of: economic, social and environmental sustainability to our community.


In 2015, The Cityview publishes its first Sustainability Report to help record The Cityview’s sustainability journey in a more systematic fashion. Comprehensive report will be published every two years to keep all stakeholders informed of our progress in sustainable development.


If you have any questions regarding any aspect of our sustainability programme, policies or practices, please feel free to speak with us or send us an email at: [email protected].

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